Guided By Voices Back; Sells Live Shows



Vegas awaits.
Meanwhile, you can already buy the Dallas
show at the official site.


By Fred Mills


As you can tell from the awesomely shitty fan-filmed video
clips below, Guided By Voices is back in action. Clips of the group’s first
reunion volley in Dallas
(9/29) hit the web late Wednesday night, and no doubt more will surface,
hopefully in better quality. The band plays Sunday at Matador 21, as you have
probably heard, and a short U.S.
tour will follow.



What you might not have heard, however, is that the shows
will be made available for sale as digital downloads shortly after each event,
for a very reasonable $10.


The Dallas Palladium show is already up at the GBV digital
, and judging from that setlist, it was a corker of a night, kicking off
with “A Salty Salute,” “Shocker In Gloomtown” and “Tractor Rape Chain” and
concluding, some 40-odd songs later, with “Weed King.” Here we go….



[Photos courtesy GbV Inc.]


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