Gregory Isaacs 1951-2010 R.I.P.


Reggae singer’s career
spanned over four decades and numerous hits.


By Blurt Staff


News is just coming in that reggae legend Gregory Isaacs
passed away today, Oct. 25, in London.
The cause of death was lung cancer; the singer was 60 years old. 


Hi manager, Copeland Forbes, posted a statement to confirming Isaac’s death, writing, “Yes, it’s true. Gregory passed away this
morning in London
at 4 A.M. He had a tumor which had spread to other areas of his body. He was 60
years old. I spoke with him last week and he said that I should read Psalm 41
and Psalm 91 for him. I had made arrangements to go back to London on Wednesday
to see him as I hadn’t seen him since we went to London together to do the Big
Chill Festival (his last show in his life), which had over 60,000 people in
attendance. He was the only reggae act on the bill. May his soul rest in peace.”


Indeed, Isaacs was a larger than life entity, getting his
start in Jamaica
in the late ‘60s and going on to become a huge international act on the level
of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown. He had scores of releases, many of
them hits, notably 1982’s Night Nurse,
and even a protracted battle with drug addiction didn’t seem to slow him down.
In 2008 he released the album Brand New
to positive reviews. He will be greatly missed.


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