Get Up Kids Form Label, Prep New LP

Self-released album
due in January from the punk-pop legends.


By Blurt Staff


The Get Up Kids return in January with a new studio album, There
Are Rules
– the band’s fifth full-length, and the first on their own Quality Hill Records imprint.  A full set of U.S. tour dates is planned early in
the new year to support the release.


Read a BLURT interview from 2009 with the band.


Seven years after what looked to be their final album Guilt
, with the group disbanding a year later in 2005 after 10 years of
constant touring, The Get Up Kids returned to the studio in 2009, sparked by a
spur-of-the-moment decision to start writing songs together again, made while
they were rehearsing to tour the tenth anniversary edition of their breakout
album Something to Write Home About. Which in turn led to There Are


 The recording
involved lots of analog 2″ tape – live takes and a feel for the
unexpected.  Long time producer Ed Rose was once again seated behind
the mixing desk, and the band even turned to Chicago luminary Bob Weston, who recorded their debut, Four Minute Mile, to
master the album. “This record came together really organically. We’d
throw out an idea and if it didn’t work after 30 minutes we’d scrap it and move
on to another one.  We all wrote together
really spontaneously and then fleshed it out with Ed in the studio,” says
bandmember Matt Pryor.


Forming their own label was the band’s attempt to reclaim
its DIY roots. Says Pryor, “We had a really great relationship with Vagrant
but we felt that with the proverbial rebirth of the band we wanted to start our
own label.  Do everything ourselves like
we did in the beginning.” And as to naming the imprint? “Quality Hill
is a historic neighborhood in Kansas
City.  It’s not
far from where we first formed the band. 
It seems like an appropriate name for the label.”




1. Tithe

2. Regent’s Court

3. Shatter Your Lungs

4. Automatic

5. Pararelevant

6. Rally ‘Round the Fool

7. Better Lie

8. Keith Case

9. The Widow Paris

10. Birmingham

11. When It Dies

12. Rememorable




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