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Leslie and “her
amplifiers”… screening dates/locations listed below. Watch the trailer, too.


By Blurt Staff


“Look At What The Light Did
is the new Feist documentary being released by Cherrytree soon. It documents
the journey of Feist‘s Grammy nominated album The Reminder.  The
 film, directed by Anthony Seck, pulls
back the curtain to reveal intimate partnerships with the people Feist calls her
‘amplifiers’: the photographer who helped her hide within the frame, shadow
puppeteers in hockey arenas, an artist who built a thread-radiating mural, the
video director who conducted fireworks, the pianist who guided the recording of
the album, and other musical and visual collaborators.


“When you’re making records and in the odd position of
people actually hearing them, suddenly something hopefully simple is getting
amplified in so many different ways,” says Leslie Feist. “This
small thing can ripple out beyond recognition, so it becomes all the more
important to have the amplifiers be people you trust. How do you find these
people? Who are the amps?”


Click here to view the film’s trailer.


The film follows Feist and her supporting cast through an
impressionistic array of flickering scenery, echoing stadiums, puppet workshops,
the red carpet, a crumbling French mansion, definitive concert performances and
candid interviews. “I would feel a little bit like the peacock,”
says Feist. “Ultimately the peacock’s just this scrawny little bird but
there’s this beautiful fan around it, and it distracts from the scrawny bird
and is this beautiful thing that’s bigger than it.”


“Look At What The Light
Did Now
will be screening in select cities across North America
and Europe starting this week:


 Oct 7th – 7:00 pm


Unseen Festival

The Trylon Theatre


Oct 9th – 8:00 pm
Grand Rapids, MI
Ladies Literary Club


Oct 15th – 8:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA
Masonic Lodge

Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Oct 22nd – 9:30
Ithaca, NY
Cornell Cinema


Oct 29th – 7:00 pm
Seattle, WA
Henry Art Gallery



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