Cuomo Talks Weezer’s False Metal Album



We always suspected
Weezer was a metal band. Now we know.


By Blurt Staff


A month or so ago BLURT correspondent Ron Hart queried
Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, in an email interview
, about the group’s new
album Hurley (out now on Epitaph) as
well as Weezer’s archival excavations, which we learned were in full effect. As
regarding the latter:


BLURT: What kinds of stuff can we expect on your
Odds & Ends b-sides

RIVERS CUOMO: “Well first of all, it’s been officially titled now:
to False Metal
.  And
these are the oddest songs that Weezer has ever recorded. Either too weird, too
quirky, too heavy metal, too pop, or too something-or-other to have made the
cut for any of Weezer’s seven Geffen records.  So it’s fitting that now
they all have a home together.”


Indeed, word arrived this week that Death to False Metal is indeed the title and it’s due Nov. 2 on
DGC/UMe. The band insistis it is “not a traditional collection of studio
leftovers or songs from the vault,” instead “created using the basic tracks of
10 previously unreleased recordings-nine never-before-heard songs plus one
cover-to assemble a brand new and truly modern-sounding record.”


Featuring tracks the band originally began recording from the late
’90s to late ’00s, Death To False Metal was a labor of love for Cuomo
and his co-producer Shawn Everett, as well as the entire band. Each track was
individually evaluated by the production team of Cuomo and Everett to figure
out how to make each of songs reach their full potential, and ultimately fit
harmoniously on the album. After that process, they then brought in each band
member in to complete the parts needed.  Some of the ten songs received a
major overhaul, while others got the equivalent of a sonic tune-up. The title Death
to False Metal
comes from a phrase that Cuomo and his younger brother used
when they were kids. 




1.      “Turning Up The

2.      “I Don’t Want Your

3.      “Blowin’ My Stack”

4.      “Losing My Mind”

5.      “Everyone”

6.      “I’m A Robot”

7.      “Trampoline”

8.      “Odd Couple”

9.      “Auto-Pilot”

10.  “Un-Break My Heart”



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