Courtney Love Nude Photo Tweet Shock!



Why not just start up
a pay-subscription site and let people judge the stroke material on its own
merits, Courtney?


By Perez Mills


Internet bloggers with nothing productive to do (like, uh,
us) are rapidly circulating photos and news about Hole frontwoman and Nirvana
widow Courtney Love bailing from Twitter yet again. This time it’s because she
is regretting a photo of her sitting in a chair, mostly naked save for the
underwear, got out. Here is a partial shot of the photo:



“I’m off twitter, that photo was
meant for a boy friend,” she tweeted on Tuesday, not specifying who the
intended recipient of the free porn was.


She had a number of other
semi-steamy images, like the one at the top of the page. However, apparently
her resolve to remove herself from Twitter didn’t last very long however: if
you go to her @CourtneyLoveUK Twitter page
, she has been busy for the last 16
hours tweeting about “Karl Lagerfeld, Riccardo Tisci, Liv Tyler, and More
Celebrate NYC in Paris”…


Of course, the crazy thing is, who cares? If you put in the
search term “courtney love nude” in Google images, you’ll get all sorts of
hits, ranging from arty shoots she did several years ago to images from the
Larry Flynt biopic…



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