Cage The Elephant Shed Their Indulgences


Well, long enough to record a new album, at


By Blurt Staff


Cage The Elephant
will release their sophomore album, Thank
You, Happy Birthday
Records), on January 11. Produced
by Jay Joyce and recorded at Tragedy/Tragedy Studios in Nashville, TN,
the album is the band’s follow up to their critically acclaimed 2009
self-titled debut. The young five-piece from Bowling Green,
KY,  Matt
Shultz (vocals), Brad Shultz
(guitar), Daniel Tichenor (bass),
Lincoln Parish (guitar) and Jared Champion (drums),
accumulated  80 songs worth of ideas during a 2-year period touring around
the globe and living abroad in England
supporting their eponymous debut.


According to the label:


“As they began sorting
through their arsenal of songs upon returning to Kentucky to record album two, they were
unwavering in their devotion to making a record that reflected their vast
musical growth and interests as a band.


Although Cage The Elephant has made more fans
and has sold more records than most recent bands on their debuts, they have
engaged in indulgences that took them off track and battled their share of
demons and creative doubts. Their adversities forced them to take a fresh
approach with their new album, and their lives. The band locked themselves away
in a remote Kentucky
cabin, listened to and discovered old albums from The Pixies, Mudhoney and
Butthole Surfers, and studied interviews with songwriting greats like Bob Dylan
and John Lennon.  Cage the
Elephant were re-energized, and ready to lay it all down on the
line-inhibition free. After just two weeks, Cage The Elephant emerged with a set of songs that blast through your
speakers with ferocity, while at the same time reflect their clever lyrical and
melodic gifts.


Hey, we are all about melodic gifts! Not to mention, er, “indulgences”….


Prior to the LP’s release, fans can get an early taste of
the album when Cage The Elephant releases
a 7″ vinyl of “Shake Me Down”/”Aberdeen” available
exclusively during Record Store Day’s
“Black Friday” event on November


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