Bono Exploring Possibilities In Africa



We’re not completely
sure what that headline means, either. What band is Louis Vuitton in?


By Perez Mills


If you want to surf over to the Digital News Agency there’s some
stuff about U2’s Bono getting involved with a fashion and art exhibition project
that is somehow related to Africa – hopefully not Somalian pirates, but who
knows? At any rate, the teaser blurb that went out to the media last night read


“Bono and [wife] Ali
Hewson will be announcing an exciting collaboration between their clothing line
EDUN and Louis Vuitton at the Africa Rising Art Exhibition in Paris. Stars will
be attending the opening of the exhibition to show their support in celebrating
the possibilities in Africa.

“The exhibition will celebrate five leading artists from the continent, whose
work articulate the individual as the key figure in a rising Africa.
Their portraits, their world view and music illustrate the many faces of the
dynamic and creative Africa of today.

“With this art exhibition Louis Vuitton – well known for its constantly growing
dedication to the art world – joins Ali Hewson and Bono in celebrating the
creativity of Africa and in promoting an
optimistic vision of the continent. Visitors will also be able to discover
behind-the-scenes stories of the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Edun.

“The contemporary art exhibition, entitled “Africa Rising”, will be on display
to the public from October 6th to 18th 2010 at 1, Rue du Pont-Neuf in Paris.”


Well, that was vague enough. Go to the aforementioned
website for some video and lots of pretty photos (like the one below) that apparently
tie in to all this…



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