Beastie Boys Album Set for Spring?



With Adam Yauch “feeling
better” following battle with cancer, the band pencils in a release time frame.


By Fred Mills


If all goes right for the Beastie Boys, spring 2011 will be
a banner season for the trio. You already know that they are among this year’s
nominations for the 2011 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Meanwhile, the group had previously announced that they had delayed (due to
Adam Yauch having to deal with cancer) the release of Hot Sauce Committee Part 1; oddly, though, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, recorded concurrently with Part 1, was still being targeted for


It looks like that target is now a reality. As and the Beastie Boys’ Mic To Mic site both report, filmmaker Tamra Davis – Mike
D’s wife – posted to her blog the other day that “Mike is back mixing his
record, which means Adam Y is feeling better! Yeah!” The assumption is
that this refers to Part 2, but stay
tuned for an official announcement that will clarify.




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