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Saint Etienne Talks New Christmas Album

Limited edition via mail order only.
Also selected shows in December. Have Sarah personally record a song just for


By Blurt Staff


A festive message just came down the cyber-pike from Britain’s
dream-pop auteurs Saint Etienne. They’ve got another new fanclub-only title
about to drop, A Glimpse of Stocking,
and according to the band it contains eight old (“some very rare”) songs plus
seven new ones, including a cover of The Doors’ “Wintertime Love.”


Writes the band, “After locking ourselves away for six weeks in deepest Surrey, on a diet of glogg and cheese footballs to get us
in the spirit, we can announce that our long promised Christmas album is
finally ready. Treats to accompany a feast of port and stilton include the
saucy UNWRAP ME, the Daft Punk meets Lieutenant Pigeon rave-up
GONNA HAVE A PARTY, and the Rea-in-reverse WELCOME
HOME, ready made for a Woolworths ad that will sadly never be. Pete
has also written a cracking uptempo melancholy track with an Ennio
Morricone/New Order feel that is so new it doesn’t have a title yet.

“Now, not everyone feels quite the same way about Christmas as we do
(especially birthday boy Bob, who thinks he owns it) so this will be a limited
edition of 3,000 numbered copies, available for the 2010 festive season only.
And unlike FOXBASE BETA it won’t be available in the shops.”


Apparently there will be three tiers in which you can obtain the release,
with escalating prices: the numbered CD, a numbered CD plus autographed
Christmas card, and the CD/card pack plus a bonus CD featuring a “personally
dedicated Christmas song – with your name in the lyric – that is not on the
main album and is sung by Sarah.”  Folks
who sign up for the fanclub at will be able to preorder the
record from Nov. 3 to 20, and then that’ll be it, so don’t miss out.



2nd December
supporting Scissor Sisters at the Brighton Centre
10th December
Belle & Sebastian’s All Tomorrow’s Parties, Minehead

11th December – Set Theatre, Kilkenny
16th December – Glasgow ABC
17th December – Manchester Ritz
18th December – London HMV Forum




More Moog! Bob Moog Archives, Live CD


Michelle Moog-Koussa
talks about the
Bob Moog Live CD,
originally recorded in 1980, plus some of the recent happenings with the Bob
Moog Archives. Hint: Sun Ra fans, listen up.


By Fred Mills


By way of corollary to our coverage of MoogFest, which takes
place this weekend (Oct. 29-31) in Asheville,
we present more of our conversation with the late Dr. Robert Moog’s daughter.


BLURT: What can
you tell us about the live CD of your father that the Moog Foundation recently
unveiled? [The CD had an official release
party on October 11 in Asheville.
Proceeds from the sale of CDs will go to the Foundation, and you can read more
about the project along with ordering info here.]


Bob Moog Live, from 1980, and the
only known recording of Bob Moog performing on the Minimoog in a live setting.
He performed here in Asheville with two local
musicians, Dan Lewis and Mike Abbott, at Bele Chere [July] and then at the Asheville Art Museum [November].

       It’s funny how
he got involved, because we had just moved down here. My father took a year and
a half off work, which was unprecedented, to be home with us. We loved it, and
he was a little bit more relaxed than he had been! So this guy Dan Lewis was on
the Bele Chere planning board, and they were sitting round trying to think of
who they could include in this inaugural event, and someone said, “You know,
Bob Moog has moved here.” They thought they should invite him to participate in
some manner, even if he just appeared, or gave a little talk, and maybe he
would play.

       So Dan Lewis
said, “I’ll call him.” He called, explained what they were doing, and my father
said, “Well, what are YOU doing?” Dan said, “A friend of mine and I are going
to play some music.” Dad said, “Well, why don’t I just play with you guys?” [laughs] Which is amazing, because, (a)
he studied piano for 14 years but did not consider himself a musician; (b) he
hardly ever played piano at our house because he was just too busy; and (c) he
played the synthesizer even more rarely than he played the piano. But he just
jumped right into it.

      It’s a great CD.
It’s neoclassical music, so it’s not the Rolling Stones. But it’s really lovely
music, all original compositions, and my father talks quite a bit between the
songs, both about the music and some of his philosophies about electronic music
and electronic instruments, and also about his life at this time. So it’s quite
a historical treasure trove.


BLURT: When our
magazine interviewed you previously in 2008, you mentioned the Foundation’s
efforts to preserve the tapes that had been found among your dad’s archives
after he passed away, how everything was covered in mold and the urgency you
felt in getting it restored while there was still time. Was this show among
those tapes?


one was not. Dan Lewis has had the tape for 30 years and was waiting for the
right time to share it. It’s interesting you bring up those tapes, though,
because we are at the end of a cycle of preserving what will probably end up
being about 70 or 75 of them. We’ve been able to bake and clean and transfer
them to digital, so now all these incredible tapes we’ve had in our possession
for five years, we’ll now be able to make available to the public.

       It’s going to
take a little bit of time because we have to get some copyright clearances. But
the material is just amazing. We have a concert with Sun Ra playing the Minimoog
Model B, which was just a prototype. We have to get in touch with Sun Ra’s
family [to secure the rights to that]. People had sent the tapes to Bob Moog in
the sixties, or he recorded them himself. We did have some Wendy Carlos tapes,
we have stuff from Switched-On Bach,
from Sonic Seasonings, things from
Tomita, but those were all things that have been published. We have masters of
those, but they are more historical relics.

       And we have 12
hours of tape of Bob Moog and [experimental composer] Herb Deutsch giving a
seminar in 1969 about modular synthesis. And there are works from pioneering
synthesists, their first works in exploring this new medium. So that’s one
thing we’re actively doing and we’re working on the rest of the archive as





Get Up Kids Form Label, Prep New LP

Self-released album
due in January from the punk-pop legends.


By Blurt Staff


The Get Up Kids return in January with a new studio album, There
Are Rules
– the band’s fifth full-length, and the first on their own Quality Hill Records imprint.  A full set of U.S. tour dates is planned early in
the new year to support the release.


Read a BLURT interview from 2009 with the band.


Seven years after what looked to be their final album Guilt
, with the group disbanding a year later in 2005 after 10 years of
constant touring, The Get Up Kids returned to the studio in 2009, sparked by a
spur-of-the-moment decision to start writing songs together again, made while
they were rehearsing to tour the tenth anniversary edition of their breakout
album Something to Write Home About. Which in turn led to There Are


 The recording
involved lots of analog 2″ tape – live takes and a feel for the
unexpected.  Long time producer Ed Rose was once again seated behind
the mixing desk, and the band even turned to Chicago luminary Bob Weston, who recorded their debut, Four Minute Mile, to
master the album. “This record came together really organically. We’d
throw out an idea and if it didn’t work after 30 minutes we’d scrap it and move
on to another one.  We all wrote together
really spontaneously and then fleshed it out with Ed in the studio,” says
bandmember Matt Pryor.


Forming their own label was the band’s attempt to reclaim
its DIY roots. Says Pryor, “We had a really great relationship with Vagrant
but we felt that with the proverbial rebirth of the band we wanted to start our
own label.  Do everything ourselves like
we did in the beginning.” And as to naming the imprint? “Quality Hill
is a historic neighborhood in Kansas
City.  It’s not
far from where we first formed the band. 
It seems like an appropriate name for the label.”




1. Tithe

2. Regent’s Court

3. Shatter Your Lungs

4. Automatic

5. Pararelevant

6. Rally ‘Round the Fool

7. Better Lie

8. Keith Case

9. The Widow Paris

10. Birmingham

11. When It Dies

12. Rememorable




Ane Brune Releases Live Set


Also doing a handful
of NE shows with Ani DiFranco


By Blurt Staff


On the 3rd of October 2008, Ane Brun and her band played a show
in a sold out Stockholm Concert Hall. It was the last gig of a 4 month-long
European tour. �The
night was recorded by director Magnus Renfors, who also did several of Ane
Brun’s videos, such as “The Treehouse Song,” “The Puzzle,” “Don’t Leave” and
Now it’s coming out as the live CD and DVD  Ane Brun -Live at Stockholm Concert Hall, on Nov. 29
initially via iTunes no less.


“It became a special night in many ways,” she
explained, in a press release. “I invited a few special guests, musicians and
artists, to appear with me on stage. Sivert Höyem from Madrugada was there, and
together we performed a stripped down version of the song “Lift Me.” The
guitarist Staffan Johansson, who appears on many of my recordings, came and
played so achingly beautifully on the song “Sleeping by the Fyris River”
among others.”


A choir consisting of the voices of First Aid Kit, Anna
Ternheim ,Lisa Ekdahl, Tobias Fröberg, Elin Sigvardsson, Rebekka Karijord, Jimi
Harlevi, Mattias Blomdahl,  Anja “Montys Loco” Bigrell and Liv “Don’t be a
stranger” Widell appeared on stage on a few songs and added to the magical
atmosphere of the concert hall. �Johan Persson (accordion and keyboards) and Ulf
Strömqvist (percussion) joined the  musicians on stage, Martin Hederos (piano),
Erik Nilsson (drums), Linnea Olson (cello), Nina Kinert (add.vocals), Per
Björling (bass) and Anna Rodell(violin). â�¨A


“As a musician and an artist I had a perfect experience on
stage. I don’t expect to be 100% presence in body and soul on a night like
this, since it can be difficult to feel that considering the circumstances and
the expectations of a sold out room.  But on this particular night I was
totally there! I watched the audience, my fellow musicians, I listened to them
and to us, and I could take it all in. I really enjoyed it to the fullest and I
will never forget it.”


Ane Brun Returns to the US

Nov 2 – Asbury Hall at Babeville – Buffalo, NY

Nov 3 – Queen
Elizabeth Theatre
– Toronto, ON

Nov 19 – Town Hall – NY, NY

w/ Ani DiFranco



Mary Gauthier w/Virtual Concert Series


In celebration of National
Adoption Month, the acclaimed singer and adoptee will premiere a series of
performance videos throughout the month of November on YouTube. Based on her
sixth album, The Foundling, the
10-part virtual concept concert series will chronicle the album’s narrative
tale of Gauthier’s trials and ultimate triumph as an adopted child herself.


By Blurt


and produced by Jack Ballo at Ultravision, this is the first video series of
its kind to premiere on YouTube. The  original album itself was written and recorded
over the course of two years and was produced in Toronto by Michael Timmins of
Cowboy Junkies, of whom Gauthier notes, “Mike understood my story and was able
to create a musical landscape that captures the nuances of the narrative.” Of
the album’s genesis, Gauthier adds, “I envisioned writing a song cycle about
relinquishment and adoption, but for years the songs I was trying to write
didn’t have an emotional center. When I found my mother, I found the emotional
center of the album, as well as the explanation for the ‘orphan feeling’ I’d
lived with since I was a child. It turns out that this feeling is universal,
and hearing other people’s stories, adopted or not, has made me realize that
this was the record I was born to make.”


The first
video, for “The Foundling,” is available here:

Available Now
November 1
           “Mama Here,
Mama Gone”
November 4
November 8
November 11
           “Blood is
November 15
           “March 11,
November 18
           “Walk in the
November 22
           “Sweet Words”
November 25
           “The Orphan
November 29            “Another
Day Borrowed


MerleFest Announces Initial Lineup


Doc Watson, natch,
plus Del McCoury, Corb Lund, Corey Harris, Crooked Still, Sonny Landreth, Jim
Lauderdale, Pauls Creek Band and tons more.


By Blurt Staff


is slated
for next April 28-May 1 and has just announced the initial lineup for the
event’s 24th year.  The following artists will join host Doc Watson
on the campus of Wilkes Community College for a celebration of
“traditional-plus” music – a term Doc coined to describe the unique mix of
traditional, roots-oriented sounds of the Appalachian region, including
bluegrass and old-time music, and expanded to include Americana, country, “plus
whatever other styles we were in the mood to play.”


sales will start a week from Tuesday, on November 9, either on the web at the official
website or by calling 1-800-343-7857. 


our good friends at public radio station WNCW-FM will air a special devoted to
the artists of MerleFest 2011 on November 4 at 8 p.m. EST; fans from around the
globe can listen live at


Initial roster: 




and Timmy Abell

Flea Circus




Book Binder

Brown Quartet


Bush Band


Cleveland and Flamekeeper

Michael Coleman



The Buffalo

Doobie Brothers
(with newest member John Cowan)






Hamilton IV


Harris and Phil Wiggins

Hartford String Band

Bob Hill


InterACTive Theater of Jef


and Vida



Kruger Brothers





Local Boys


Bayou Ramblers




McCoury Band

Bluegrass Band



Creek Band


Rowan Bluegrass Band



Sigmon Stringers

Mountain Ramblers

Slate Mountain Ramblers

and Ruth Smith


Family Band




Wailin’ Jennys



and Joan Wernick

Acoustic Folk Society

Williams Band


Lightning Bolts



Video: Church’s ARIA Induction Speech


“Tazzy tits?” Steve
Kilbey just won’t be held back… and who would want to, anyway?


By Blurt Staff


Our faves The Church, as previously announced, were
recently tapped for induction into the Australian version of the Rock And Roll
Hall of Fame – the ARIA Hall of Fame. So the band was formally inducted into
the Hall of Fame (taping) two nights ago, and it is to air tomorrow (Sat) night
in Australia


American fans, don’t despair if your TV antennas won’t quite
pick up the signal: a Church fan has posted the video of the Church’s induction
segment, and to say that frontman Steve Kilbey’s speech is over the top – and
one of the funniest things we’ve seen in ages – is an understatement. As one of
the BLURT staffers mused, “Well, THAT will certainly turn some heads. Have
people talking about the band again, no doubt, as well!”


“Give that man his own show”: No shit. Dude needs to have his own late night talk show. Guaranteed


Oh, and congratulations to the Church, from BLURT.


Log in to Facebook and then go here to watch the 16-minute
video clip.



Springsteen Talks The Promise, Darkness Box

Long awaited collection set to arrive Nov. 16.

By Blurt Staff

With the Darkness on the Edge of Town box set right around the corner, the Bruce Springsteen camp is ramping up the awareness campaign. They’ve just posted an 8-minute teaser film about the documentary “The Promise” that will be included with the deluxe edition of the box. View it, below.

Over at they’ve got all the details and tracklistings for the box and it’s various iterations. Yeah, we can’t wait ourselves – watch Blurt for a full review when the time comes.


UPDATE: Looks like they yanked the clip from YouTube, so you’ll have to go to the above link to view the video.





Out ‘n’ about in the City of Angels with Blurt’s
roving shutterbug (10/2 – 10/26).


Scott Dudelson


(above) Teenage
Fanclub – Live @ The El Rey – 10/11


Atmosphere – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16



Basement Jaxx – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Cypress Hill (B-Real) – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Cypress Hill (Sen Dog) – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Damien Marley – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Nas – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Erykah Badu – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Incubus  – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Las Rakas  – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Living Colour  – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Living Legends (Murs) –  Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Maldita Velcindad – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Manu Chao  – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


MGMT – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Pablo Hasan  – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Paul Oakenfold  – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16


Slightly Stoopid – Live @ The Smoke Out Festival – 10/16






Scott Dudelson is
a music journalist and concert photographer based in Los Angeles.  Scott is also the Chief
Operating Officer of Prodege, LLC, the company behind




Report: Guided By Voices Live in S.F.

We check in on the reunion tour with the Oct. 5 show from San Francisco’s Warfield
Theatre, which yielded more than just the “hits” and far more than mere
nostalgia. And shit yeah, it’s cool.


By Zach Bloom

Guided By Voices was last
seen in 2005 when Robert Pollard disbanded his group of soft rock renegades
with The Electrifying Conclusion Tour. At the time, Pollard posed as if beyond
critique, touting himself a Solider of Rock. His relatively youthful backing
band perfected the cracks and imperfections from GBV’s days as a lovable, lo-fi
bedroom project. (Before it was cool to be a lo-fi bedroom project; Pollard and
his friends were just average guys, living in the midwest without the benefits
of the internet.)


It would seem that GBV had
to go away for it to ever come back – well, like this, at least. The “classic”
lineup that recorded its albums for Matador Records in the mid-‘90s has
returned to celebrate the label’s 21st anniversary. It’s a big
reunion as Pollard takes to the road with songwriter and guitarist Tobin
Sprout, guitarist Mitch Mitchell, bassist Greg Demos, and drummer Kevin
Fennell. The majority of the crew hasn’t veered far from the GBV universe of
prolific collaborations and side projects, but this marks the first time since
hitting the road in support of 1996’s mega Under The Bushes, Under The Stars that the core membership of Pollard’s hometown “Monument Club” has shared a
stage. But they’d probably just prefer it to be thought of as a bunch of
fifty-something guys out for another lap.


“We have to get in shape to
go on tour now,” Pollard confessed to the audience at The Warfield in San Francisco. “No eating
pasta!” By the looks of it, the diehards could understand, having downed as
many beers, for as long a time. Smaller in numbers, but appropriately more
energetic, was a younger generation of fans that wouldn’t be much older than
Matador itself. All the same, the sea of bodies didn’t miss a beat in letting
out a collective roar when Demos’ plucked out the riff to “A Salty Salute,” the
anthemic opener from Alien Lanes.


With old friends at a
wingspan’s reach, Pollard’s come back down to earth as a frontman. Tobin Sprout
shared the mic and the spotlight. Rather than worshipping at the alter of Bob,
there was a shared devotion to dozens of well-crafted, balls-out rock tunes
that the band clearly cherishes as much as the fans. The grand sense of the
event had a feeling more alive than nostalgia but hard to peg as anything else.


Lesser known tracks “Matter
Eater Lad” and “My Impression Now” didn’t resonate deep into the crowd; it’s a
hits tour, despite not having any. The mad surges of bodies twisting and voices
reaching continued from the opening into “Shocker In Gloomtown” and “Tractor
Rape Chain,” and held up well into the encore. “Echos Myron” found Pollard
dominating the musical breaks, pushing the momentum over the edge. Actual
pogoing took place, leading to the appropriate shouts of “All fall down!” near
the song’s end.


Like Pixies have decided,
GBV could happily and successfully live out the following years touring on a
time capsule of great songs. There will always be an audience for it. For them,
finding a substitute hasn’t been easy. And shit yeah, it’s cool.