Watch: New Boredoms DVD



(Thrill Jockey, 90 minutes)






77 Boa Drum is a stunning, multi-camera visual
documentation of July 7, 2007 (7/7/07), when Japanese avant-garde noise rockers
the Boredoms rounded up 77 indie rock drummers (from Oneida, Burning Brides, M.
Ward, Come, Man Man and more), arranged them in a coil and performed the 77 Boa
Drum concert in NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. The coil, meant to signify a snake
(with the Boredoms at the center, as its head), might as well be a crop circle.



How does anyone get that many drummers
to show up on time? Perhaps it’s moot, and a better focus would be how so much
beating and pounding could be so appealing, or even musical. Even with the
Boredoms’ keyboards, hammered seven-neck guitar, screeching and ululations, the
percussion is overwhelming. Ultimately one realizes it’s about time we gave the
drummers some. They don’t provide just backbeat; they really do move the music,
and this concert moved them-and even if you persist in bashing drummers, you’ll
be moved too.



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