UPDATE: Paste Kills Print Mag, Not Site


See update, below,
following initial news post. Magazine suspends publication but will continue on
as digital media.


By Fred Mills


It was just a rumor being circulated via private emails last night and this
morning: that venerable music/pop culture magazine Paste was no more.
BLURT received such a message that read simply, “Paste has
folded.” Then by lunchtime a number of blogs were posting the speculative
news. The ever-reliable
Gawker.com posted,
“A tipster tells us ‘They announced it internally
yesterday in an afternoon meeting, giving employees approx… 2 hours
notice.'” Several other media outlets posted similar accounts, usually
referencing from Gawker.


By mid afternoon the news was being heavily trafficked via Twitter – you can
view the series of tweets here.
Meanwhile, as noted at the original Gawker post, various Paste staff
members took to their own personal Twitter feeds to let their followers know
the news (and that they were in the market for jobs now, incidentally).


Well, tipsters being tipsters, sometimes the rush to break
news can be fraught. We have been told that an official press release is being
readied and should be circulated later this afternoon, so please keep your eyes
peeled for that. We’ll have full details shortly.




Since the above news was posted to our site at 4:00 pm
today, Paste has published an
official statement at the Paste.com website
. Under the headline “Paste Magazine
Suspends Print Publication,” editor-in-chief and co-founder Josh Jackson wrote,
in part:


“Today Paste Media Group announces,
with deepest sadness, the suspension of the
Paste magazine print product.


“Struggles with mounting debt were
made public last year when our readers responded with generosity to save the
magazine. But the prolonged downturn of the ad market has forced a hiatus. All
subscribers have access to the digital version of their magazines through the
June/July issue on PasteMagazine.com.
Paste, while considering strategic alternatives, is focusing on its digital
assets, including PasteMagazine.com.”


So as we indicated earlier, the rumors circulated by Gawker and other media
outlets were, indeed, somewhat premature – if not entirely incorrect. Paste is not entirely dead. For the time
being, Paste will be focusing on its
digital business (website et al), with the June/July issue, #63, of the print
magazine being the final one. One assumes that the daily operations of the
website will remain unchanged while the owners look for fresh investors or seek
to divest themselves of the business, so with any luck, fans of the
long-running publication will still be able to get their Paste fix one way or another, even if it turns out to be in
digital-only form.


We’ve said it in the past and we’ll say it again: it’s always a tragedy when
a fellow print magazine goes out of business. We here at BLURT are intimately
familiar with the struggles that go into staying afloat as a hard-copy
publication, having just put the finishing touches on our fourth print edition,
due on newsstands in a couple of weeks. The idea, you see, is to have MORE
voices in the mix, not fewer, and we wish the folks at Paste all the best with their future efforts.



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