Trailer for new Girl Talk Documentary



Chronicles the
elaborate 2009-10 New Year’s Eve bash.


By Blurt Staff


Word has it that on Dec. 31 Girl Talk put on a “mind-blowing, over-the-top New
Year’s Eve extravaganza, where he threw one of the largest house parties the
world has seen to celebrate the end of the decade.” Or so his handlers say. However,
the hype is borne out by a new documentary of the event, Girl Talk NYE Chicago. The short film is en route and should be
available next week, Sept. 21, but meanwhile, he’s posted a brief teaser
trailer to YouTube for you viewing pleasure.



The Girl
Talk camp kindly provided some details about what went in to the whole deal:


As a surprise to the 4,500-capacity
Congress Theatre audience in Chicago,
Girl Talk had a two-story, five room house built on stage. This house took
months to plan, and 4+ full days and 21+ crewmembers to build. Girl Talk and
the set designers seriously took things to the next level when it came to the
detail that went into each aspect of the house. They drywalled the rooms, made
a real staircase, and fake wooden floors, built a kitchen that included a
refrigerator with a note stuck on the door, and a table with a fruit bowl,
blender and more, a living room that included a hutch filled with china,
fireplace, couch, coffee table, rug, picture frames and more, the kid’s room
had a bed, desk, computer and mouse, pencil jar, trophy, amongst other items,
and the bathroom featured a real toilet, sink, shower and curtain. Plus,
outside the house, there were even fake trees lining the yard, and a rock was
placed in front of the house covering the table Girl Talk works on.


The lights constructed on the
outside and inside of the house, including an LCD curtain surrounding the house
to make it look like the night sky, and all over the venue, were equally
elaborate. When the house was first presented to the audience, only a few lamps
inside each room were turned on, however, as the night neared midnight, the
house counted down from 9 to 0, and then once midnight hit, the house came
alive as lights all over the house, inside and out, shown bright. The kitchen
floor eventually lit up turning into a disco-dance floor, the entire bathroom
could strobe any color, the computer in the kid’s room had an LED light
attached to it, and intense lights came from the fireplace. There were also
special lights strategically hidden all over the venue that were active and
radiant throughout the night.



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