Susan Boyle/Lou Reed’s Imperfect Day



Gee, TMZ got their
information wrong – who’d a thunk it!


By Fred Mills


Don’t believe everything you read on – and
certainly, if you’re a responsible media outlet or news aggregator, don’t be in
a rush to repost what TMZ’s staff of mouth breathers puts up on the web.


Yesterday afternoon the music and entertainment worlds were
all a-twitter (literally and figuratively) over the news that TMZ posted regarding Lou Reed making singer Susan Boyle cry on Wednesday after he
purportedly refused to let her do his classic song “Perfect Day” on the TV show
America’s Got Talent. According to
TMZ, the show’s producers needed the actual songwriter’s permission, and he turned
them down “because he isn’t a Boyle fan… When Boyle found out, she dissolved
into tears — unprepared to change her tune for the show. We’re told Boyle went
to LAX this afternoon — still in tears — and is catching a flight back to London.”


Not so fast, kids: Anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge
of how music publishing and performance clearance works can spot the fuzzy math
in that equation. Indeed, by Wednesday night Reed’s reps were informing Access Hollywood that Reed “was not the
reason Boyle was unable to perform” the song, according to a report at
Boyle had apparently only rehearsed that one song, but writes Mercury News, “Reed’s
reps said that because of a glitch, the song was not cleared for the American
market in time for the show, something that had nothing to do with the former
Velvet Underground member. The song was cleared for use in the U.K.”







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