NPR Music Tops Latest Blurt Poll



27% of BLURT readers
get their new music fix from public radio and NOT from their local indie record
store – what’s up with that?


By Fred Mills


The votes are in, and the readers have spoken: NPR Music is
where you folks go to get your new music fix. Apparently all those
week-before-release-date streams of key new releases – which recently included
Deerhunter, Neil Young, Corin Tucker and Sufjan Stevens –  have tipped the scales in the favor of the
good folks at NPR. A big salute!


The original question was, “Where do you get your main new
music fix?” As you can see from the results of our web poll, below, NPR Music
was way out in front with 27% of the votes, with satellite radio, college radio
and MP3 blogs coming in more or less second. Some of you also get your jollies
via illegal downloads (at torrent sites), at 9%, while sadly only a small
percentage, 6%, claim to get your buzz on at record stores. C’mon folks, let’s
get out there and support those indie retailers. Just because they can’t match prices is no reason to leave ‘em hanging out to dry.



The rest of the results pretty much speak for themselves,
although our good friend Jamal, who mans the bootleg CDR kiosk down on the
street corner near the BLURT offices, is going to be severely bummed that
NOBODY is interested in his wares. Hey, he had the new Arcade Fire even before –
and cheaper than –


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