New Röyksopp Debuts on Hype Machine


Tune in Monday…


By Blurt Staff


Röyksopp’s new instrumental album Senior, will become the first pre-release album exclusively through
MP3 blog aggregator Hype Machine. On Monday September 6, a SoundCloud player
will be added to Hype Machine giving fans who search out Röyksopp the
opportunity to stream Senior in it’s
entirety one week ahead of the street date. Hype Machine’s network of bloggers
will also be actively encouraged to embed the SoundCloud player into their
personal blogs to ensure their readerships also have access to the full album


Speaking of the partnership with and Hype Machine,
SoundCloud’s Dave Haynes said, “The Hype Machine has fast become one of
the best places to discover new music. We’re really thrilled to be a part of
this by allowing artists like Röyksopp to make their music available to
bloggers and The Hype Machine itself via SoundCloud.”


 Senior is the counterpart to last year’s critically acclaimed album
Junior and hits European stores on September
13. It’s described as “more introspective and freeform than its poppier partner
and fully instrumental… the Nordic electronic pioneers Svein Berge and Torbjorn
Brundtland recorded Senior at the
same time as Junior and it finds
Röyksopp in fine form. ”  


Quoth Röyksopp: “The two albums (Junior and Senior) have a
kinship, in that they represent Röyksopp’s two very different artistic
expressions. Junior – with emphasis on vocals, accessible melodies and
harmonies – has the energy, the inquisitive temper, and confidence with the
“hey-ho, let’s go!” attitude of youth.”


Track Listing: 1.
… And The Forest Began To Sing  2. Tricky Two 
3. The Alcoholic  4. Senior
Living  5. The Drug 6. Forsaken Cowboy  7. The Fear 
8. Coming Home  9. A Long, Long




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