Fern Knight Takes on King Crimson!



Acclaimed psych/folk quartet to release new
album in early November.


Blurt Staff


Records has announced the impending fourth release from psych/folk quartet Fern
Titled Castings, it’s due
Nov. 9. The record is described as “somewhat less fastidious” than 2008’s
comparatively ornate Fern Knight,
boastin “a warm, analog feel, with looser and louder performances from the


 Led by Margaret Ayre’s voice, guitar, and
cello, the group stretches out on rockier fare like “The Poisoner,”
growling with fuzz, while leaving plenty of room for softer moments. There are
also “jammy” moments but everything is expertly sized and placed,
with not a moment wasted on doodles. The centerpiece of the album is the band’s
treatment of the King Crimson epic “doom” classic
“Epitaph.” Trading their own cello and violin for the original’s
signature mellotron, the group channels the vibe of the original while making
it their own. Margaret’s cool and understated vocal plays it straight in a
situation that less assured players and performers would make a bombastic mess


As on
the self-titled CD, Jesse Sparhawk’s harp and James Wolf’s violin provide the
heart of the sound in many spots, a unique strategy that lets the band update
the classic genre forms and styles while making them their own.



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