Blurt’s Video Game Guide #10



Announcing the latest installment in our
“Play For Today” series of video game reviews. This time out we take on Batman:
The Brave and the Bold The Videogame, Disney Guilty Party, Ace Combat Joint
Assault, Metroid: Other M. Incidentally, don’t miss the debut of “Play For
Today – The Print Version” in the Fall 2010 issue of BLURT, due on newsstands
in mid September.


 By Blurt Staff


Head over to
BLURT blogger Aaron Burgess’ “Play For Today” blog – he’s just posted some
action-packed (term used relatively and literally) reviews of a slew of more
top-rated games. Included are his own ratings plus screenshots – like the ones
below – and trailers. Game on!


(above) Batman:
The Brave and the Bold


Disney Guilty


Ace Combat Joint


Metroid: Other M

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