Best Heaven 17 Cover Version… Ever!



German band covers the
‘80s legends, with some Human League thrown in for good measure.


By Blurt Staff


You may have heard that ‘80s electro/disco punks Heaven 17
are currently planning to mount their “Penthouse & Pavement” tour in
November (interesting interview in “The Quietus” here). Hopping preemptively on
the H17 bandwagon, then is German electronic band NUD”, whose trademark sound
celebrates break beat, drum n bass, big beat and electro punk: they’ve just released
a cover of Heaven 17’s classic 1982 hit single “Let Me Go.”


band may look like refugees from a Hot Topic job fair, but they’ve got the
musical chops. Inspired by Heaven 17’s 1982 original, NUDE’s version is steeped
in big beats and melodic hooks. The song, along with a re-recording of Human
League’s “Being Boiled,” will appear on their forthcoming second album, “Basic Guerrilla Moves,” released in
October. Listen to it the H17 tune at this link or see it at YouTube, below.




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