As If! Film School Picks the Flicks



As our
marquee feature today we’re running a story on San
Francisco indie rockers Film
School. Writer Annamarya
Scaccia interviewed guitarist Greg Bertens at length, and she additionally
polled Bertens and other members of the band about their fave flicks that are
deeply identified with their home state of Cali. (Intriguingly, only one of the
musicians in Film
School actually attended
film school. Go figure.) So below are the flicks they picked – fire up that
Netflix queue, folks.


from Greg Bertens (guitar/vocals):

Bullitt (1968)

“Cop Steve McQueen tearing through the
streets of San Francisco
in a 1968 green Mustang Fastback – to this day one of the best car chases
on film.”



Milk (2008)

“Also shot in San Francisco. I grew up in the Bay Area and
heard about Harvey Milk’s murder and the Twinkie defense, but was too young at
the time to really understand what happened. In the late ‘90s, I lived in the
Castro Area for a couple years, but didn’t realize at the time I was walking by
Milk’s old office and apartment almost once a week.”



Pick from Lorelei Plotczyk (bass/vocals):

Clueless (1995)

“As the one member of the band who actually did
go to film school, I would be tempted to name Sunset Boulevard, Rebel
Without a Cause,
or The Graduate. But I came of age in the ‘90s, and so I have to instead go with… Clueless! When this came out, I was a
15-year-old tomboy skater chick who dressed in insanely baggy and oversize
clothes. The next day at school, inspired by the fashion in the movie, I wore a
girly outfit that included a plaid “skort.” It was so out of character for me
that I was continually mistaken for a new student throughout the day. Whatever,
as if.” 



Pick from Jason Ruck (keyboards):

Barton Fink (1991)

“I saw this before moving to California from the east coast (btw, I want to start
a side band called Least Coast) and I was intrigued by the old Hollywood feel of it, albeit through the twisted
lens of the Coens. I suppose I got a similar feeling after seeing LA Confidential, but, by then, I was
in San Francisco and
was not allowed to like anything about LA. Whenever I get writer’s block,
I think of this movie.  But then I think of John Goodman running down
a flaming hallway yelling ‘I’ll show you the life of the mind!,’ and I get



Pick from Ken Bernard (drums)

Laurel Canyon (2002)

“I watched it because the actual band in the
movie had Lou Barlow of Sebadoh and members of Red Red Meat. It made
me kind of excited about being in LA because of the all the great imagery. The
idea of recording in a house in the hills seemed like something small and
insignificant to most, but it was a dream for me, so the movie kind of spoke to
me in that sense. The soundtrack was really well done. There’s nothing wrong
with having a little Mercury Rev for you musical montage!”




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