Jane’s Addiction Live DVD a Letdown


Out today on
Eagle Vision, the 91-minute
Live Voodoo documents the reunited band’s 2009 Halloween concert but, minus the
confines of a sweaty club, Perry & Co. can’t seem to generate sufficient
energy to make the viewing experience memorable.


Jose Martinez


Jane’s Addiction concert is always a special moment, so you’d think the release
of the band’s first-ever live DVD and Blu-ray concert, featuring the original
lineup, would be stellar, but not quite so. Filmed during a 2009 performance at
Voodoo Experience in New Orleans
on Halloween night, this had all the makings for an unforgettable concert
souvenir but watching the solid performance now leaves a bit to be desired.


We see and hear the band, guitarist
Dave Navarro, bassist Eric Avery and drummer Stephen Perkins, in fine form, but
it’s charismatic lead singer Perry Farrell, one of rock’s most dynamic showman,
who misses the mark at times. Slightly off kilter and looking somewhat
ridiculous, even by the singer’s own out-there standards, and keep in mind it
is Halloween night, he looks part space cowboy/part court jester, and his long
cape only seems to get in his way of really being able to rock out. When he
finally does ditch the hindering cape he looks like a Jack LaLanne wannabe and
that certainly loses cool rock points.


As far as the music is concerned, the
band tears through its groundbreaking catalog delivering 13 solid favorites,
including “Mountain Song,” “Three Days,” “Ocean Size,” “Summertime Rolls” and
“Jane Says.” It would have been nice if this was the concert in its entirety
but that’s not exactly the case as sometimes half the fun is listening to what
quirky ramblings Perry Farrell will banter in between songs.


The two extra bonus songs – “1%” and
“Ocean Size” taken from two separate Los Angeles surprise reunion gigs – may
have actually made for a better DVD release as seeing the band perform in such
a tiny, intimate setting, literally in front of its rabid, hometown fans, is
really spectacular. Having actually seen Jane’s Addiction in concert on
Halloween, I do know just what a treat that really is but that excitement is
missing on Live Voodoo, and the
chance to see the band perform once again in a small, hot and sweaty club would
be priceless.



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