First Look: New Vaselines LP


Due out September
14 on Sub Pop, it’s like they never left…


By Tim Hinely


Funny how divine intervention can alter the course of
history. In the case of this obscure, late ‘80s Scottish band who released one
full-length and two singles in their short lifetime, it was the fact that
Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain was a fan and covered three of their songs. Not that the
Vaselines couldn’t have gotten by on their own talent, they certainly could
have (they had it in spades) but this type of fuzzed-out, sexed-up pop has
never been in style (until now, of course, so their timing is impeccable).


The core of the band, Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee are
still here for Sex With an X, joined
by some pals from Belle & Sebastian, and in the ensuing two decades it
doesn’t seem like much has changed. Songs like gleefully bouncy title track,
the soaring “Such a Fool” or the (possible) Lee and Nancy  tribute “Turning It On” are all
pure Vaselines gold. Nice to see talented young upstarts like The Vivian Girls
and Best Coast taking notes, but I prefer the
real thing. Welcome back!  



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