NOW PLAYING: July 2010

Highlights of what’s been running through the speakers here at OUTLANDOS HQ the last month or so:

1. The Kissaway Trail, Sleep Mountain

Danish outfit, very Death Cab for Cutie. Honestly, the jury is still out but so far, thumbs up; meaning, I didn’t reach over to shut it off once through the first listen — and that’s saying something :-). I also did reach over to turn it up a couple of times, most notably for “New Lipstick” and the cover of Neil Young’s “Philadelphia.” Summary: take a risk.

2. David Chernis, Music for Super 8

Sure, sure… I might be biased. But this is beautiful. The guitar-balls behind the original Damnwells‘ lineup releases his first solo project, a complete 180. Instrumental. Restrained. Surprising. Eclectic. Enjoy []


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