R.E.M.’s Buck Records w/Decemberists


Series of photos
unveiled yesterday show Buck in studio with Meloy & Co., playing guitar,
mandolin and other gear.



By Fred Mills



Esteemed ‘80s college rock site (term used loosely) Slicing
Up Eyeballs is reporting on the newly unveiled “photographic evidence” of
R.E.M.’s Peter Buck sitting in with The Decemberists earlier this month. Apparently
a new Tucker Martine-produced album from Colin Meloy & Co. is slated for a
Feb. 2011 release on Capitol, and the Martine connection (he worked not long
ago with R.E.M. on demos) plus Buck’s NW proximity made the collaboration a


A series of photos (including the one above, which depicts
Buck, Chris Funk and Meloy) taken by Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., Minus 5, Young
Fresh Fellows, etc.) appeared yesterday at the R.E.M. website and were
subsequently picked up by Slicking Up Eyeballs. They were taken during a
recording session in a barn near Portland.




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