Kinks Peter Quaife 1943-2010 R.I.P.


Bassist’s powerhouse
low end helped create the original Kinks sound.


By Fred Mills


Peter Quaife, a cofounding member and original bassist of
the Kinks, passed away on Wednesday, June 23, reportedly due to kidney failure.
He’d been diagnosed with renal disease in 1998 and had been on dialysis
treatment. The musician (above, left) was 66.


Quaife had left the Kinks in ’69 after a five year run that
he himself admitted had its highs and lows – plenty of them lows. However, as
the BBC reports
, he was still immensely proud of “his work on the band’s
landmark Village Green Preservation
album. ‘Making that album was the high point of my career,’ he told
Jukebox magazine in 2006. ‘For me it
represents the only real album made by the Kinks… in which we all contributed


After his departure from the group he attempted to continue
his musical career but eventually opted to go into graphic design and in recent
years had been living in Denmark.
Over the years there had been many recurring rumors about a full Kinks reunion,
but the only time he performed again specifically with the Davies brothers was
during the encores of a Kinks concert in ’81 in Canada. The Kinks were inducted
into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and he also took part in the big
induction ceremony jam.




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