Dot Allison LP w/Doherty, Weller, Seeds


Erstwhile One Dove vocalist demands true love from the listeners…


By Blurt Staff


Dot Allison initially made her name in the early ‘90s with trip-hop outfit One
Dave, she’s subsequently collaborated with a slew of other artists, among them
Death In Vegas, Arab Strap, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and Pete
Doherty of the Libertines/Babyshambles. Since the demise of One Dove she also
recorded several solo albums, and her latest is Room 7 ½, which came out late last year in the UK and is now
slated to arrive Stateside on June 21. Produced by Allison and Rob Ellis (of PJ
Harvey fame), it’s described as “an unusual and arresting collection of
heartfelt pleas demanding true love amongst an atmospheric-noir backdrop of
some beauty.”


words, but anyone who’s followed Allison’s career to date probably knows that
those words are justified. The album features Bad Seeds members Mick Harvey, James
Johnston and Terry Edwards, along with Pete Doherty and Paul


got involved with Paul Weller as he texted me out of the blue one night
when he was out with Bobby Gillespie,” said Allison. “He just introduced
himself, explained he got my number from Bob and asked if I fancied writing a
song with him”. The result was “Love’s Got Me Crazy”. The album’s
other duet is “I Wanna Break Your Heart”, with Doherty and will be the lead single (combined with remixes) in the US.  Of that partnership, Allison added, “I sang on
“At The Flophouse” without even meeting him; he liked my voice from afar and
asked me to cover it as a B- side for The Shambles. I went to the studio and it
was just me and the engineer, so I recorded it myself. Later he texted me to
ask me to perform with him singing Carl’s parts at The Rhythm Factory… and
that was the beginning to our long term writing and performing partnership.” Allison
subsequently toured with Doherty in the UK
and Europe.


Bad Seeds
were enlisted because, as Allison explained, “I asked Rob Ellis
to approach Mick,
James Johnston and Terry Edwards to help me get [a]
natural sound. With these musicians, I love the looseness and space they leave
and their choice of sound and harmony, I think they are incredibly empathic,
emotive players.”


album also features a cover of the Scott Walker song “Montague Terrace (in
Blue)” which originally appeared on the tribute album 30th Century Man. Walker had requested that Allsion
join his production of “Drifting And Tilting” (The songs of Scott
Walker) at The Barbican in Autumn 2008 alongside Damon Albarn, Jarvis
Cocker and Baritone Owen Gilhooly among others.



the recording of her solo album, Allison has completed work on a film score, ‘The Black Death’ (starring Sean Bean) for the director Chris Smith with Christian
Henson. She is the soloist and performs with a 40 piece orchestra.
Meanwhile, she also recently collaborated with Henson for another new horror
movie directed by Smiths, Triangle.




 01. Cry

Paved With A Little Pain

I Wanna Break Your Heart Feat. Pete Doherty

Buzzing Round The Honey Pots

Room Seven And A Half

Fall To Me

Love’s Got Me Crazy Feat. Paul Weller

Montague Terrace (In Blue)

Johnny Villan

While She Sleeps

Portrait Of The Sun




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