Best Jackson King Of Pop Redux… Ever!

So what were YOU doing
a year ago today? Drinking the Kool-Aid? Here – we’ve finally perfect the


By Fred Mills


Wow – has it been a year already? Well, before you throw up
your arms in surrender and give yourself over to today’s 24/7 airbrushed
eulogizing of Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009), how about taking
a deep breath, splash some water on your face, and spend a few sober moments in
reflection via a story we published on Jackson
early last July.


Titled “King of Hype” and written by our contributor/blogger
Mark Jenkins, the essay attempts to cut through some of the bullshit and
hysteria that followed immediately in the wake of Jackson’s passing. Offers Jenkins, among
other observations:


“The non-trash media-from op-ed pages
to Sunday morning talk shows-have to justify the amount of coverage their
newspapers or networks have given Jacko. If he’s just dance-pop’s equivalent of
a brain-damaged professional wrestler, the attention is unjustified. So MJ must
have been
significant. This yields such straw-grasping punditry
as the claim that “we” all identified with Jackson because he blurred racial and gender
identity. But he did so in a way that was creepy, not inspiring, and
revealed self-loathing, not self- acceptance. Anyone who seriously
identified with the latter-day Jackson
should seek professional help… Selling lots of albums is consequential, but not
in the way Jackson’s
analysts earnestly wish. So maybe it’s time for the legit media to let Jacko
go. He belongs not to history, but to TMZ.”


Speaking personally, I enjoyed some of Jackson’s
songs, but couldn’t call myself a fan, and I certainly never drank the Kool-Aid
like a lot of my critical peers. And while I’m always sad to learn of a
musician dying, I couldn’t bring myself to grieve for Jackson. Today, I don’t think I’ll be marking
anything as a result (other than
writing this quick news entry) – I think I’ll go listen to a James Brown album


Meanwhile, you can read the entire article right here at BLURT, and don’t
forget to check out the original readers’ comments at the end. Yes, a couple of
readers accused us of being racist and mean-spirited, just like we predicted
would happen. What else can we say? Just beat it…


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