Topless Pics of Paramore Singer Hit Web

Personally, we’d
rather see bottomless pics of Iggy Pop…


By Blurt Staff


Folks with their Google Alerts set to “Paramore” or “Hayley
Williams” received a deluge over the past 12 hours or so after the pop/punk
vocalist had her Twitter account compromised and a topless (possibly
intoxicated) Twitpic photo was posted. As MTV news points out, the photo was
removed after Williams and her handlers discovered the incident, but by then
her more than 600,000 followers had seen the image and “the photo [had] made
its way to a gossip sites all across the Net.”


Williams subsequently tweeted, “Well … my night just
changed drastically. Got hacked.” No other official comments have been
issued, which sorta raises the question – where did the photos come from in the
first place, and who hacked the account.


Many of those sites reposted the photo as it originally
appeared, while others, displaying an unusual degree of good taste, opted to
censor it as above.


BTW, for those of you that just can’t stand it and are
determined to see the real deal, you should be warned that some of the sites in
question are also crawling with virus-type gremlins. A certain BLURT editor
picked up a nasty Trojan horse program that, luckily, his virus program caught
and quarantined. Just sayin’….





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