New Arcade Fire LP; MP3s Posted


Album arrives
August 3; new 12″ out today, but MP3s of the songs have already hit the web.
You can listen to them below.


By Blurt Staff


The Arcade Fire is set to release its third full-length studio
album, The Suburbs, on August 3. The
Pitchfork recording artists – whoops, we meant, THE MERGE recording artists
co-produced the record with Markus Dravs, working in studios in both Montreal and New
York. It’s the followup to 2007’s Neon Bible.


The band: Win Butler,
Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Sarah
Neufeld and Jeremy Gara.



A double A side, limited edition 12″ will be available
starting TODAY, May 27, featuring the tracks “The Suburbs” and
“Month of May.” A message from the band at their website indicates
that they “didn’t press that many copies of the single and we sent most of them
to independent record stores.”


However, both songs will be available for immediate download
with pre-orders placed at,


Incidentally, at the website you can view the aforementioned (handwritten)
message, along with lyrics to the song “The Suburbs.” There are also tour dates
listed starting in late June and running sporadically through July and August,
most of them UK and European (but there are three Canadian dates plus the
August 8 show in Chicago at Lollapalooza.


Meanwhile, if you head over to the good folks at One Thirty BPM,
they have posted both songs at their site. “The Suburbs” has an intriguing kind
of Kinks-do-British-dancehall sound (the vintage dancehall, not reggae) with a
droney background, while “Month of May” is a flat-out rocker, kind of manic
glam rockabilly in places that doesn’t sound anything like the more
progressive/atmospheric Arcade Fire sound people may be expecting.


Here they are:




You can stream the songs or download ‘em, but nab ‘em quick as
they might get removed. Quick, start the countdown to when the full album leak
hits the web…



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