Kasey Anderson Grills Rachel Flotard



By Blurt Staff


When Blurt blogger (and singer-songwriter) Kasey Anderson
interviewed the ever-fetching and enormously talented Rachel Flotard about her
band Visqueen, he may not have expected that the ensuing conversation would
dive headlong into Beastie Boys territory. That’s when he knew he had a winning
entry for his latest column. Among the words of wisdom Flotard imparted to Anderson:


“In high school, my friend Janine and I had to pick a song
for our freshman chorus final. We thought we were real wise guys and busted
“She’s Crafty”.”


“I almost had the Licensed To Ill plane tattooed on
my face.”


Capitol Theatre, Passaic,
NJ. Their stage prop was a giant
50-foot penis that came up from the stage floor. The hardcore band Underdog
opened. Effing Joey Ramone walked out at one point. I said “Who the hell
is that? He’s tall.”  At 15 I knew this was a force.”


Read Anderson’s entire blog right here, folks.



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