It’s Serge!

Scouring for platters in the land o’ the frogs. Guarantee: no fromage.

By Blurt Staff

When BLURT blogger Carl Hanni decided to take a well-needed vacation recently, he didn’t just gas up and grab one of those AAA trip planners – he booked a flight to France.

And then he sat on his hands, thanks to that little business of a volcano in Iceland spewing crap into the atmosphere and bringing air traffic in Europe to a standstill.

Luckily, he was able to resume his plans not long after, and with renewed vigor, he hit the Continent, seeking fine wine and even finer vinyl. Did we mention Hanni, who pens our “Sonic Reducer” column, is a DJ and a crate digger? Explains Hanni in his latest blog, “France is not a cheap place to record shop in, new or used,
but nonetheless I managed to come away with a short stack of treasures, 7 and
12 inch both. Here are some of the highlights, all of them French, all on

And highlights they are, in particular a nice stack of Serge Gainsbourg recs. Read about that and some of Hanni’s other scores at his new “Sonic Reducer.”



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