Stooges w/2010 Raw Power Live Album


Helps if you’re going to one of the London concerts, of course…


By Blurt Staff


This Sunday, May 2, fans of
Iggy and the Stooges will be able to purchase RAW POWER “LIVE” on USB stick and MP3 download when the band
perform their seminal 1973 album at the London HMV Hammersmith Apollo.


The instant digital live
concert recording is the brainchild of Music Networx (whose other digital live
recordings includes KISS, Alice Cooper, Madness, Simply Red, Brett Anderson,
Foreigner and Simple Minds) – you’ll be able to either pre-order the concert
stick or MP3 download from,
or they can pick up the USB stick in person right after the May 2 concert.


The same goes for the second
Raw Power London Apollo concert on
Monday May 3rd. The USB stick will retail for £20 pounds sterling, or can be
downloaded via MP3 for €14.95 euros from


Check those currency
converter charts, North American fans!



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