RFSC w/Free Chesnutt & Chilton Tributes


Victoria Williams, Syd
Straw, Nicholas Hill, and Peter Holsapple each contribute a track to a free,
downloadable EP. Meanwhile, members of the crew got together to cut Big Star’s “Thirteen.”


By Blurt Staff


We previously brought you the news about Radio Free Song Club, a free new
monthly podcast featuring some decidedly cool folks making music for, like,
free. Now they’ve posted a new EP in tribute to the late Vic Chesnutt. The EP “Four
Songs for Vic Chesnutt”
features performances by Victoria Williams,
Syd Straw, Nicholas Hill, and Peter Holsapple.


Radio Free Song Club comments on the EP by saying, “Vic
Chesnutt’s death was a sobering event for us all. We’d like to share this
collection of songs from the first few shows that were an unplanned response to
the sad news. Victoria sent us ‘Vic on Vic,’ Syd Straw brought ‘You Had Your
Chance’ to play live on the show, Nicholas Hill sings Vic’s song ‘Lucinda
Williams,’ and Peter Holsapple brings us home with ‘Don’t Ever Leave.'”


Listen to the EP at http://radiofreesongclub.com/songs (Incidentally, they’ve also provided at link at the site where you can make a
donation to Chesnutt’s family – please consider doing so.)

Radio Free Song Club features music from veteran songwriters Freedy Johnston,
Laura Cantrell, Peter Blegvad, Kate Jacobs, Victoria Williams, Dave Schramm,
Freakwater, Jody Harris, and Peter Holsapple, and is hosted by Nicholas Hill. The
premise of the song club is for each participating songwriter to write, record,
and submit a new song each month; the songs are then highlighted in the
one-hour radio show.

The fourth show in the series, which goes live this week, includes special guests
Beth Orton and Sam Amidon performing alongside Dave Schramm and David Mansfield
on Alex Chilton’s song
“Thirteen.” They recorded the song just a few hours after learning
about Chilton’s death. It was recorded for Radio Free Song Club, and is now up
for free download at http://radiofreesongclub.com/songs. Radio Free Song Club comments about the fourth show, “In addition to a set
of contributions from the regular writers, this show got a little crazy in the
live realm. It was St. Patrick’s Day, and Alex Chilton had just died, and there
were all these people in the room, and everyone wanted to sing.”



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