Lala: Where Music No Longer Plays


Streaming service set
to shutter on May 31 with no details yet disclosed. We’re betting that
President Obama already has a subscription to Spotify…


By Fred Mills


Boy, here’s one you didn’t see coming… well, that depends on
whether or not you subscribed to Rhapsody (reportedly on the rails) or listened to music at MySpace
(in 2010 the equivalent of a 26k dial-up connection). Come to think
of it, pretty much everybody saw this coming. Especially music consumers NOT in
North America, enviously eyeing overseas folks (and occasional lucky-ass people
Stateside; Lefsetz, we’re talkin’ to YOU), whose dewy-eyed testimonials about Spotify have pumped up the volume to
the point where nobody in their right mind would sign up for any kind of music
streaming service not clearly and definitively looking at least, oh, 6 months
into the future. Like Spotify. Which the major labels seem determined to, if
not stymie, at least bow to their will. Time will show the wiser.


Lala (aka, aka unexpectedly posted this message at
their sign in page today:


“Lala is shutting
down. The Lala service will be shut down on May 31st, 2010. Unfortunately,
we are no longer accepting new users. Members, you can still use Lala through
May 31st, 2010. Log in for details.”



Members who did log in received a generic message expressing
thanks for the “support” and indicating that they would “receive a credit in
the amount of your Lala web song purchases for use
on Apple’s iTunes Store.”


As we all know, Lala was bought by Apple not long ago. Like
we said – if you didn’t see this coming (given Apple’s deep pockets and
history), well…


It’s not like the Lala music player(s) and interface(s) were
particularly intuitive or helpful in the first place. Music websites viewed the
partnerships as stupid money, but consumers rarely were heard singing Lala’s
praises, so  smart money is on no tears
shed in the long run. Prediction: Apple fine-tuning and expanding iTunes (no
pun intended) to the point where the government files an antitrust suit. Guess
who will have deeper pockets? No doubt Lefsetz will have a commentary set for
an email blast any second now, too…


 Read more about this news here.


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