Cap’n Jazz Reunion Gig Free Download


Joan of Arc extended
family tree has a zillion branches (and at least 24 songs). Check the Cap’n
Jazz video from the reunion, below.


By Blurt Staff


Back in January, Cap’n
played a surprise four-song reunion set at the Don’t Mind Control
Variety Show, and as one reviewer put it, “The
building almost crumbled under the weight of nostalgic tremor upon the first
few licks of opening (Cap’n Jazz) song, ‘Little League.'” Hosted
at Chicago’s Empty Bottle, the event was a sold-out, one-time gathering of the Joan of Arc family tree that featured
nearly 30 musicians – culled from bands such as Euphone, Vacations and
Birthmark – who have performed with the band during its 15+ years in existence.

The organizers made a soundboard recording of the show that’s now being made
available as a free 24 song, 320kbps MP3 download. See the full tracklisting
below, and then go here to download the music. Incidentally, Cap’n Jazz is doing a pair of reunion concerts on July 17 and 18 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, although both shows are reportedly sold out; the band has indicated it will be announcing more dates soon.



1. Euphone w/Tim Kinsella – Friend
in Common
2. Euphone w/Tim Kinsella – King Missile Lizard King Jam
3. The Zoo Wheel – The Prize/Water
4. The Zoo Wheel – Hi Honies
5. Owen – No More No Where
6. Litesalive – Tele / Shoulders / Alone and One / Blue-Bronze Player
7. A Tundra – Beer Plugs
8. A Tundra – Fallen Awake
9. A Tundra – The Doug McComb Over
10. Jeremy Boyle – Thanks Todd and Theo
11. Disappears – The 15th (Wire cover)
12. Disappears – Sound of Confusion (Spacemen 3 cover)
13. Cap’n Jazz – Little League
14. Cap’n Jazz – Oh Messy Life
15. Cap’n Jazz – We Are Scientists
16. Cap’n Jazz – Que Suerte
17. Joshua Abrams – [amalgamation of many tunes]
18. Birthmark – Untitled New Song
19. Birthmark – Untitled New Song
20. Birthmark – Untitled New Song
21. Vacations – Friday the 13th Pt. 2
22. Vacations – New Friends
23. Vacations – Ewoks in Domes
24. Slick Conditions – Spit in Layers



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