Louie Armstrong Death Metal Mashup!


What a wonderful
rotting, fetid, corpse-strewn world this could be… because some YouTube clips
just deserve to be seen…


By Blurt Staff


First, there was the Rickroll video clip – now comes the
Louieroll, er, the Armstrongroll, er, the Armroll… aw, forget it. Just watch
the damn thing. See the clip, below. The part about 2:01 will give you chills.


There are other Louie Armstrong memes out there, like this
fairly lame one
featuring Radiohead, and a halfway decent one incorporating
Jay-Z. But this one’s a hands-down winner – all hail The
Markness (for vocals), and  Andy Rehfeldt
(arrangement, instruments and recording) – just because it throws all the usual
rules out the window and synchs the new music perfectly to the video clip.





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