Libertines Reunite for Summer Festival


The potential for
tabloid headlines is tremendous. Just tremendous, we tell you.


By Fred Mills


Whattaya do after you’ve toted heroin into court while
already on multiple probations? If you’re Pete Doherty, the path is obvious:
get your old band back together! And whattaya do if the band you formed after
that old band crashed and burned runs its course after only modest success? If
you’re Carl Barat, you also get your old band back together!


It’s fucking kismet!


Yes, indeed, the Libertines are getting back together, with
a not-too-shabby payday looming: £1.5million is the figure being
floated by the British press in reports that Doherty and Brat, plus drummer Gary
Powell and John Hassell, are reuniting in order to play this year’s Reading
& Leeds Festival, which takes place August 27-29. Also reportedly set to
appear are Arcade Fire, Guns N’ Roses and Blink-182. Well, one out of three ain’t


Anyhow, for Barat, it’s a win-win situation since his reputation’s
generally still intact, and for Doherty, it’s a maybe-win situation, depending
on (a) whether or not he can stay out of jail until August; and (b) if he can
navigate the temptations and excesses of a big-ass summer festival knowing that
there are undercover cops everywhere just itching to catch him with another



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