Homme Is Record Store Day Ambassador


First a Queen, then an
Eagle, then a Vulture, and now an Ambassador. Dude’s CV just gets more
impressive by the moment.


By Blurt Staff


Them Crooked
Vultures/Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has been named the
official “Ambassador of Record Store Day.”


We didn’t even
know there was such a position! But we are advised that the Ambassador “is an
honorary, much-sought-after post awarded to those musicians who are open about
their past and present love of record stores, and are not shy about encouraging
others to join them in their celebration of Record Store Day. The post was
previously held by Homme’s partner in crime, lead singer Jesse “Boots Electric”
Hughes of The Eagles of Death Metal.


Said Homme, in a statement, “I’m a vinyl collector and I just love to
scour. I think it always reverts to the thing that’s most rewarding and
tangible. The size of the cover… and that feel of being connected to it,
because you have to pay attention to vinyl, you have to change the sides and
stuff. It can’t just be background music while you’re cooking or driving to the
bank. It brings itself a little more to the foreground.  Unless you want
to hear shmmp, shmmp, shmmp…”

To commemorate the day, Them Crooked Vultures will release a 10″ picture disc
on April 17th that contains one of the most popular tracks from their
self-titled album, Mind Eraser, No Chaser with a live
version of “Highway One,” (live
from Sydney) and “Vulture Speak,”
an interview with the band.

Queens of the Stone Age are also
releasing a Record Store Day piece, Feel
Good Hit of the Summer EP
.  This is a first time release in the US.


Record Store
Day is April 17, natch. Lots more details here.





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