Brother JT Returns w/Book-CD Project


meets “messed up country, disco and dope-hop” – but of course!


By Fred Mills


Psychedelic pharmacist (that’s “rock musician” in layman’s
terms) Brother JT has just published a book called Orange Journal, which he characterizes as “automatic writing and
drawing.” We’re pretty big fans of JT here at BLURT and profiled him back in
October of 2008 – you can read the story and interview here.


The description of the project, at his official website,
where you order it directly, reads thusly:


“A 130-plus page, 8.5X11, glossy, full-color, spiral bound
extravaganza. Started as lyric workbook, became spirit-channeling journal
of automatic writing/drawing/collage weirdness. Includes Brother JT’s latest
solo effort, Any Stort In A Porm,
which takes several songs’ lyrics directly from the book. The hazy overall feel of the recording
dovetails nicely with the freeform nature of the book. Musically, it’s
probably closest in spirit to 2007’s Third Ear Candy, with drum
machine, synth, and songcraft taking precedent over wah-wah noise and
singing in tongues, but forays into equally messed-up country, disco,
and dope-hop make it a fairly unique entry in [his] catalog. Numbered
edition of 100.”


Whew – that ain’t many copies. Better order quick. Here’s a
sample page, plus the sleeve art to the CD:




Adds J, of Orange Journal, “I started it as a
lyric workbook, “but before long I felt as if there
were ‘personalities’ that wanted to have their say. In a way, it’s
more of a collaboration than anything, if only with my own subconcious.”


Meanwhile, JT also
recently found time to put together a 70-minute CD compilation of his early
band The Original Sins. Titled Skeletons
in the Garage Vol.2
, it hearkens back to 1988 demo sessions while the group
was planning out their second album The
Hardest Way
. The album, we are advised, “collects those rough
gems, as well as more familiar Sins songs, all commited to tape with
a barn-burning rawness often missing from ‘official’ recordings.”


Sounds right up our alley, Bruh!




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