He’s Still Hypnotic: Jim Jones Revue


Former Thee
Hypnotic/Black Moses frontman returns with another hotwired combo; prepping to
bum-rush SXSW. Check out the video, below.


By Fred Mills


A few years ago I was in Austin at SXSW taking a leak in the men’s
room of one of the rock dives, and as I zipped up and started to turn to leave
I vaguely recognized the gentleman standing at the pisser next to me.
Sonofabitch – it’s Jim Jones, it dawned on me, with whom I’d shared a very
drunken evening back in the late ‘80s when he brought his band at the time, Thee
Hypnotics, to town.


He remembered me and greeted me like a proper mate, which
sometimes happens when a musician runs into a journalist who has had many a favorable
thing to say over the years (and I wrote often and enthusiastically about Thee
Hypnotics, let me tell ya – their brand of Stooges-spawned psychedelic
overdrive, proto-stoner rock of a sort, was pretty awesome). But his pleasure
was genuine, and as it turned out his new band, Black Moses, was about to play
shortly, so I got a chance to be knocked outta my socks, sonically speaking,
all over again.


Now word arrives that Jones has yet another combo, this time
the economically-naked The Jim Jones Revue. They’ve been described as a “London
powerhouse quintet [like] James Brown fronting the MC5 with Little Richard
guesting on piano.” Well, boy howdy to that. They’ve already been given the
thumbs-up from the likes of MOJO and Record Collector for their self-titled
debut and singles collection Here to Save
Your Soul
, and they’ve toured heavily, including opening for the Dead
Weather in Europe after Jack White personally invited them. Among the band’s
other high profile fans: Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson, and Mick Jones.


You can check out some tunes
and videos at the group’s YouTube page here – “Elemental” and “Hey Hey Hey Hey”
will do quite nicely, ladies. Little Richard, indeed.


The Jim Jones Revue is about
to go into Assault & Battery 2 Studio to record a new platter, with Bad
Seeds man Jim Sclavunos producing, and then they’re off to the 2010 edition of
SXSW, so needless to say yours truly will be queueing up in Austin to get a
fresh dose of the man’s music.


Don’t worry, Jim, I’ll let
you finish your business in the loo before walking up to shake your hand this





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