Contest: Spoon Answers Your Questions


Seriously, anything is fair game.
Not they will be forced to answer “anything,” but still…. Here’s your chance to
find out all those things about Spoon you always wanted to know but were afraid
to ask.


By The
Blurt Editors


this month Britt Daniel & Co. released its latest album,Transference, on Merge, and a big
national tour will be kicking off in mid-March starting with an NPR Music
showcase in Austin
at SXSW. We’ve got the tour details here.


we’re offering you a chance to ask Spoon whatever questions you want,
like the way those British mags grill a washed-up classic rock
personality each
month, but way cooler, ‘cos it’s Spoon of course. Wanna know how Britt
gets his
hair so perfect? Where they got the name Spoon from? Who’s a Republican
and who’s a Democrat in the band? Maybe even some lingering queries
about the agony and the ecstasy of their old major label nemesis Ron
Laffitte? Ask
 The results will be included in a far reaching and sure-to-be
entertaining interview at and the upcoming issue of BLURT.


And if this
goes well, maybe our next contest of this ilk will be “Ask Laffitte”…. Hey, it
could happen…


Email your
questions to:


Incidentally, make sure you identify yourself in some way – it
doesn’t have to be elaborate, but at the very least give your first
name and where you are from, e.g.:

OKC, Oklahoma

Hey, it’s just common courtesy. Internet anonymity is for pussies.



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