Unseen Hendrix Art Graces New Rec Sleeve

Guitar god goes back
to high school for inspiration!


By Blurt Staff


With the recently-announced news of a previously unreleased
Jimi Hendrix Experience album due soon still fresh – March 9 brings Valleys of Neptune; details here – we
now learn that the sleeve art combines a 1968 photo of the guitar god taken by
Linda McCartney (at the time, Linda Eastman) and an original watercolor drawing
that Hendrix did back in 1957 when he was in school.


According to the Hendrix camp, Experience Hendrix CEO Janie
Hendrix commented, “Before he became a musician, Jimi wanted to be an
artist.  He went through a phase doing watercolors at school and this was
one of the 110 drawings of his that our father kept. When I saw this one from
1957, it screamed ‘Valleys of Neptune’ so we just knew we’d use it for this


MSN “Reverb” blogger Mark Brown elaborated in a recent
, noting that sleeve art to the first single (the title track) from the
album, released this week, resembled a known Hendrix painting. He checked with
Janie Hendrix, and she indicated it is in fact “a new, unseen” painting he did
in high school, adding that the Valleys
of Neptune
CD art will incorporate the
painting and the McCartney photo. The full-length art is above; the other two
images are reproduced below:







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