Lou Reed Metal Machine Trio to Tour


“A night of deep noise” for European
audiences; plus, the original album gets remastered and reissued on high-end


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Reed’s Metal Machine Trio will embark on a UK and European tour on April 17th,
when they perform what is described as “A Night of Deep Noise.”


Lou Reed (processed & unprocessed guitars & mini continuum), Ulrich
Krieger (tenor sax & live-electronics), and Sarth Calhoun (live processing
& continuum fingerboard), the Metal Machine Trio concerts, although
influenced and inspired by Reed’s 1975 album Metal Machine Music, won’t duplicate the original album, but will
instead opt for entirely new unique music, noise and soundscapes.


band initially debuted in October 2008 at the Redcat Theatre in Los Angeles, and they
perform with “no songs and no vocals” – instead, they use their instruments and
electronics “to venture into deep acoustic space… new music, free jazz,
avant-rock, noise and ambient in a set of intense conceptual pieces and
intuitive improvisations.”


To coincide with the tour, Reed will release a newly
re-mastered edition of Metal Machine
on 180 gram double gatefold vinyl, Audio DVD & Blu-ray. Each
format features a stereo reproduction of the original quadraphonic master,
playable on home theatre systems. The album was previously reissued as a
remastered CD in 2000 as a specially-packaged edition, and before that on regular
CD in 1998; and 2007 brought the re-creation of MMM (or at least three parts of it), by Zeitkratzer. Reed
subsequently performed with Zeitkratzer live in Berlin. But this will represent Reed’s newly
tinkering with the material for vinyl and high-end audio.


Lou Reed on the re-mastered edition
of Metal Machine Music:

“The original. The one that started it
all. Noise Rock. Industrial Road. Underground for years, it survived on the
power of the idea. No key. No Vocals. No set rhythm. Feedback forever. Supervised
by Lou Reed and faithfully re-mastered to the last squeal. The out of print
“Quad” has been replicated for all formats including a perfect vinyl version
playable on your stereo turntable with the original rear sections moved to the
centre of the front left speakers. It’s worth getting a turntable to hear this.
I myself bought a Linn to celebrate the great sound and am playing it through
Wilson Watts and Puppies. Here it as we did on Scott Hull’s Duntechs. Straight
from the original Bob Ludwig tapes. An act of love for an act of sound.”




The MM3 European tour dates:


Junction (April 17)

Oxford O2 Academy (April

Festival – Royal Festival Hall, London
(April 19),

Cigale, Paris (April 21),

Festival – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
(April 22),

Koncerthuset, Copenhagen
(April 24),

Scene, Oslo
(April 26),

Bull Scene, Bergen
(April 27),

Alternatilla – Teatre Principal de Palma, Mallorca
(April 30).


credit: copyright Amy-Beth McNeely; courtesy Noble PR]



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