Least-Anticipated CDs Poll Results In!

Nick Jonas & the
Administration tie with Lil Wayne, with Vampire Weekend a relatively close
second place.


By Fred Mills


The BLURT readers have spoken: for our most recent poll we
asked you to select, from a list of a dozen first-quarter ’09 new releases
currently being hotly hyped by record labels and trendy/tastemaker bloggers
alike, which titles were the least anticipated.


As you can see from the stats tally below, Nick Jonas &
the Administration’s Who I Am and Lil
Wayne’s Rebirth, both of which arrive
in stores next week, Feb. 2, were the clear frontrunners, and it’s interesting
that they were tied for first place with 26% of the total vote apiece. (Given
Lil Wayne’s token status as a Pitchforkian hipster, maybe this represents a
reactionary vote aimed at Pitchfork – the Jonas nod was kind of a no-brainer,
after all, and we have to admit that record’s inclusion in the poll was kind of
a setup. Hey, go take your OWN poll if ya don’t like it!)



Band du jour Vampire Weekend is currently ripping up the Billboard charts with 100k-plus first week sales and counting (must have been a slow
first week – apparently every person on the planet has already bought Susan
Boyne and Taylor Swift, and the only thing that’s left to do, marketing wise,
is airlift copies of those two monster sellers to Haitian refugees). So it’s
not surprising a backlash has already started, and we’re chuffed to report that
V.W.’s Contra officially comes in at
second (or third) place. Natalie Merchant’s Leave
Your Sleep
, due March 2, comes in next. Sorry Vampire Weekend and Ms.
Merchant, it’s not us, it’s you.




Everything else is pretty well evenly spread out, although
since Liars’ Sisterworld, due March
9, received zero votes, that makes the band technically the winners here. We’re eager to hear that
one too, to be perfectly honest, so congrats to Liars, who have won an
all-expenses paid trip to Orlando to see Nick Jonas & the Administration
open their world tour – don’t forget to cover up first, boys.



Poll Results (54
votes total)


15% w/8 votes Vampire
Weekend – Contra (1-12)

4% w/2 votes OK
Go – Of The Blue Colour of the Sky (1-12)

2% w/1 vote Editors
– In This Light and On This Evening (1-19)

6% w/3 votes Spoon
– Transference (1-19)

26% w/14 votes Nick
Jonas & the Administration – Who I Am (2-2)

26% w/14 votes Lil
Wayne – Rebirth (2-2)

2% w/1 vote Hot
Chip – One Life Stand (2-9)

2% w/1 vote TobyMac
– Tonight (2-9)

4% w/2 vote The
Game – The R.E.D. Album (2-16)

9% w/5 votes Natalie
Merchant – Leave Your Sleep (3-2)

6% w/3 votes Butch
Walker – I Liked it Better When You Had No Heart (2-23)

0% w/0 votes Liars
– Sisterworld (3-9)





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