Krautrock Alert! Curious about Cluster


Key reissues from
Cluster plus members Roedelius and Moebius guaranteed to tickle your inner


By Ron Hart


Much ado is made about the ‘70s output of German electronic
music pioneers Cluster. And as it should, given the wealth of adventure and
innovation Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius presented to avant-garde
music fans over the course of that entire decade, both on their own and in
collaboration with the likes of Brian Eno and Can’s Holger Cuzkay as well as
Michael Rother from Neu! as part of the Krautrock supergroup Harmonia.


However, as the excellent Bureau B label continues to
deliver the goods with their reissue series of the Cluster family’s Sky Records
catalog, it should be well noted that the dynamic duo’s ‘80s output is well
worth one’s attention, too. We’ve got a look at four of those key reissues
today in our CD review section, so check it out and dig deep.


Cluster pictured above in a recent picture; below, in the ‘70s.



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