Watch: Edison, Spencer, etc. Go Zombie


File under “more
entertaining than any of the Tiger Woods/mistresses mashup videos currently in
circulation” – Roky Erickson fans, unite. Lines of meth optional.


By Fred Mills


As one commentator at YouTube sagely observes – “video off
the chart.”


That’s BLURT’s Guru Of Grooviness, Mike Edison, in the clip below,
fronting his Space Liberation Army (which features players from such classic
ensembles as Blues Explosion, Capt. Beefheart’s
Magic Band, Murphy’s Law, Boss Hogg, and GG Allin – see if you can spot Gary
Lucas and Jon Spencer in there) and advocating for methamphetamine. He
proposes that it’s not meth destroying the fabric of American life, but daytime television. While this may
appear to be a self-evident truth, keep in mind that if you’ve already been
zombified by daytime TV (it’s not called the boob tube for nothing), your level
of self-awareness is, frankly, nil.


Adds Edison,
“Meth is a fine thing when it is used for what it is designed for… winning
wars… and playing the bass in Motörhead. Meth is not an activity. It is what you do when you are
doing something else. And if it was good enough for Johnny Cash, it is good
enough for me.”


All this and a Roky Erickson soundtrack to boot? Yeah….video off the
chart. Have a meth-white Christmas, everyone!


Incidentally, go here to read the Blurt interview with Edison and Jon
Spencer, talking about Edison’s 2008 book and
CD I Have Fun Everywhere I Go.



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