Scarlett Johansson Cheesecake Pics?


Only thing more
enticing would be catfight photos of Bettie Page and Edie Sedgwick….


By Blurt Staff


Save your pity – Scarlett Johansson doesn’t need it (and
certainly doesn’t want it). No matter that the gal can’t sing her way out of a
Zip-lok bag, as evidenced by that jaw-droppingly atrocious 2008Tom Waits
tribute, Anywhere I Lay My Head, which barely mustered a “4” out of 10 stars in the BLURT review. Fair
or not, on the basis of that collection of sonic howlers we didn’t even bother
to consider the recently released Break
, her collaboration/canoodle with Pete Yorn, for coverage here at BLURT
(although, in all fairness, Yorn’s presence probably helped smooth out SJ’s
rough edges).


But anyhow, she’s a successful actress for whom music as a
second language isn’t necessarily a requisite to entrée in rarified circles.
Plus, she makes for one helluva cover gal. Just check the January 2010 issue of
Harper’s Bazaar – the UK edition
–  in which she appears in a faux-animal
print getup on the cover looking soft-focused and with a pouty come-hither
look. She was interviewed for the magazine by none other than Bono, who knows a
thing or two about actresses and models.


The good folks at The Lipstick Diaries blog have posted the
magazine cover and some of the interior images which, we have to admit, are
borderline cheesecake shots – one of ‘em appears above. Go here for the entire
gallery and see what you think.


The commentary is appropriately breathless, too. Writes TLD:


She has everything!
She’s talented, she’s up to date in the fashion world, she sings, she looks
like she has great character, and she is also doing some charity work with Bono
from U2 in Africa.


We can’t possibly top that…




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