Robyn Hitchcock w/Free “Phantom 45s”

Stuff you just can’t
get anywhere else, prawns!


By Fred Mills


When Robyn Hitchcock established his new website a couple of
months ago he promised all sorts of goodies – and  unlike U2 and other artists, he ain’t charging
ya 50 bucks a year to check ‘em out!


Indeed, if you skip over to still-under-partial-construction
The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock you’ll find, in addition of course to the usual
news (such as details on his upcoming record with the Venus 3, Propellor Time, due March 22), tour
dates, link to his online retail store and more, freebies he’s calling his “Phantom
45s” series.


Currently available: “To Be Human” b/w “Belly Full of Arms
and Legs” which can be had for download absolutely free simply by providing an
email address. The former is a sweet Hitchcock solo ditty, while the latter is
a full-band workout of “Belly Full of Arms and Legs”, which will be featured in
the film Elektra Luxx.


Check ‘em out below, and then go to Bob’s site to download ‘em.
You’ll be glad you did.






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