Robert Schneider Wants to Blow Your Mind


Apples In Stereo
mainman Launches Heavy Psych Side Project – Thee American Revolution. Album –
Electrostorm Is First In
Years To Carry Iconic Elephant 6 Logo. Free MP3, below, and video for casual


By Blurt Staff


Lo-fi heavy psych-pop acid rockers Thee American Revolution began as a home-recording collaboration
between Elephant 6 co-founder Robert Schneider and brother-in-law Craig Morris. Schneider is best known as front-man of The Apples in stereo, and producer of many beloved records,
including both Neutral Milk Hotel


According to legend, Thee
American Revolution came together under the tutelage of W. Shears, a secretive British
musician primarily active during the 1960’s who relocated to Kentucky (where the band lives). Joined
onstage by a rotating cast of friends, including drummer Otto Helmuth (Blueberries), Bill Doss
(Olivia Tremor Control) and John Ferguson (Big Fresh/The Apples in
stereo), Thee American
Revolution shred with chaotic exuberance.



Check out an MP3 here for the track .



The band’s highly anticipated debut album is built upon
slabs of fuzz guitar and reckless troglodyte drumming, soaked in Mellotron
seas, bright harmonies and bursts of pure noise. The record joyfully explores
the terrain between Blue Cheer and
The Beatles, with songs ranging
from druggy pop to sloppy biker-rock anthems. Featuring album artwork by W. Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System) and bearing the
classic Elephant 6 logo, Buddha Electrostorm is certain to
turn on fans of garage rock and psychedelic pop.



Video for “Grit Magazine”:




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