Dino Jr/Cobra Verde/Witch = Supergroup!


Mascis from Dinosaur
Jr, Petkovic from Cobra Verde and Sweetapple from Witch Sets late March date
for album release by Sweet Apple.


By Blurt Staff


Apple – an indie rock supergroup comprising members of Dinosaur Jr, Cobra Verde
and Witch – will be issuing their debut album Love and Desperation via Tee Pee on March 30.

As the legend goes, the band was born “by accident and friendshipi, out of
death, and after a cross-country drive. Singer-guitarist John Petkovic got in
his car heading eastward days after the passing of his mother — to smoke
cigarettes, listen to music and clear his head. He didn’t even know where he
was going or where he’d end up.

He ended up in New England, the home of
long-time friends Dave Sweetapple and J. Mascis, who told John to start writing
some songs so they could start a band. Within weeks, and after recruiting Cobra
Verde guitarist Tim Parnin they started working on an album.

The result is Love and Desperation.
The 12-song disc casts a wide net, reflecting the disparate sounds of all their
bands:  catchy power-pop, crushing rock and wounded ballads.

“I hadn’t even played the guitar for months,” says Petkovic.
“And then, out of the blues, there were all these songs just coming

Recorded in Cleveland and Massachusetts, “Love and
Desperation” was mixed by John
Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic
Youth and The Hold Steady) and Don
Depew (Cobra Verde, Guided by Voices).

“I tell people that I saved John’s life by starting this band,” says
Mascis. “But they don’t believe me.”

Sweet Apple is currently working on a video for the opening track, “Do You
Remember,” a driving, rock anthem. The band plans to tour and perform at
South by Southwest.




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